Christy Yiu
Ambassador of SDTL

Yiu Kit Ching Christy – Athlete of Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association, 4 time champion in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Half Marathon Women race.
Being very energetic since a kid, I loved short distance runs and long jump.  When I was 13, my sports teacher started to train me in long distance running, probably because of my vital capacity.

After graduating from university and working as a nurse with Hong Kong’s Nethersole Hospital, I continued training and aimed at joining the 2016 Rio Olympics.  It is challenging and encouraging to beat record after record all these years.  From the 3,000m steeplechase of the 2013 East Asian Games, breaking the Hong Kong record at 10.25 minutes, four time champion at the Standard Chartered Half Marathon since 2010, and running a full marathon earlier this year at the 2016 Standard Chartered Marathon Women race, proudly marking a Hong Kong record-breaking 2 hours .


In planning to become a full-time marathon athlete, as you know, training takes up a lot of time. After each training, it takes a huge amount of time to rest and recover in order to do more training and races, not to mention to prevent from having injuries.


I started to use SDTL® Energy Cube® and SDTL® Join since March 2014. I use SDTL® Energy Cube® to wash my face and body, for my showers as well as after trainings.  It didn’t take long to discover that I was not as tired as before or after training, and I can even handle my heavy workload as a nurse the next day. SDTL® Energy Cube® helps me recover a lot quicker, especially my energy level and strength.

I use SDTL® Join for my injuries mainly. I apply it after trainings and showers. After each training there will most likely be painful areas and new injuries. Recovery is amazingly fast as the pain are gone the following day, and my muscle soreness recovered as well.

I have since been using SDTL® products.  Having to work full-time and training at the same time, I get tired and sick easily. After using SDTL® products, my energy and strength level can be recovered faster than before.

I also started using SDTL® Nitor together with SDTL® Energy Cube® to enhance the skin care effect. Everyone knows that I always run outdoor. So freckle problem has been troubling me. Continued to use for some time has been effective control my freckle problem, prevent wrinkles is prefect, also the skin’s firmness and hydration have been improved.

SDTL® products use natural ingredients, and contain no pharmaceutical ingredients.  This is very important to me as an athlete. It gives me peace of mind and great confidence to continue using.