Net Weight :  15 ml

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Repair cells from the inside out; Increase SOD activity; Stimulate blood circulation; Promote joint collagen and natural ionic calcium absorption; Help lubricate joint; Enhance the elasticity of ligament and muscle; Relief pain caused by degenerative joint and physical injury; Ease tense and tight muscle; Improve stiffness and powerlessness of joint and difficulties in walking or bending knees.


HKD $6000.00

Palmaria red seaweed extract, Arnica oil, Cranberry oil, Complex with marine MPS, Vegetable Vitamin E, Citral

All ingredients with EU certified natural organic plants extract. SGS tested with no heavy metals and toxic elements, microbial contamination, methanol and free formaldehyde. Free from pesticides, hormones, steroids, drugs and artificial chemicals. Not tested on animals.